Friday, 2 February 2018

Our ancestral homes, part 1: "Cederholm's House"

In this series I am going to present photos and stories of my ancestors' homes, some of which are no longer standing. I will start with this house, known as "Cederholm's House", which stood in the area of Oslo known as Lille Ullevål.

Photo source: Aftenposten

This was the home of my great-great-great-grandparents, Sven Hansson Cederholm (1824-1912) and Henriette Rudolphine Albertine "Dina" Hansen (1841-1913).

Sven was a gardener by profession, and an immigrant from southern Sweden. He was born in poverty in the small village of Fjälkinge in the province of Skåne, and as a young man he moved away and ended up in the town of Sölvesborg in the neighboring province of Blekinge. At some point between 1849 and 1865 he immigrated to Norway, and in the census of 1865 he is registered as living at Bislett right outside the city centre. In 1869 he married Dina, the daughter of a lighthouse-keeper on Hisøy island in southern Norway; she had been born in Oslo, and that is where the newlyweds moved. Sven and Dina lived in this house for many years, until the land was sold to the municipal government for the expansion of Ullevål Hospital in the 1890s, which remains one of the most important hospitals in Oslo and Norway. Today, a student flat building called Cederholm stands on the site in memory of Sven and Dina, right next to the main hospital buildings.

Sven and Dina later moved to a large villa close by, in Ullevål Road, where they lived until their deaths in 1912 and 1913, respectively. They are buried, together with their children and children-in-law, in the cemetery of Vestre Aker, where their gravesite is marked by a very prominent stone.


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