Thursday, 1 February 2018

Genealogy and racism

I'm proud to be concerned with my roots, because genealogy is subversive. Knowing the complex truth about your family history will disrupt the narratives about "races", cultures, nations and religions that have been passed down to you through media, school and common talk. Most importantly, genealogical knowledge (and genetic genealogical knowledge in particular) shows us that we are one human race, connected at its root, and with some degree of more recent mixedness in every family.

A real racist is someone who doesn't care about genealogy. The racist is content to say "I'm pure X, Y or Z" (insert "race", culture or religion) without bothering to check the facts. The real racist doesn't give a shit about his true origins; he only cares about using the idea of his origins in order to feel superior to others.

If the racist developed a true interest in genealogy, he might just stop being a racist.

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