Friday, 16 February 2018

A map of China

My family has a tiny bit of East Asian DNA, inherited from my paternal grandfather (who is about 2% Asian, most of which is East Asian). The maps below are the FTDNA myOrigins results of my grandfather (top), my father (middle), and myself (bottom). You can see the regional consistency, and you can see the non-European DNA getting thinned out with each consecutive generation. The Northeast Asian has been passed all the way down to me, but the Southeast Asian, Oceanian and West Middle East has been "washed out" on the way.

23andMe also picks up my East Asian DNA, although it's unable to classify it further. The "Broadly East Asian and Native American" could be a remnant of my father's and grandfather's Southeast Asian; it is also possible that at least some of my East Asian comes from my mother's side.

I got an extremely fascinating analysis result yesterday. This new tool at WeGene called Ancestry Similarity Map shows you what provinces and cities in China you are most genetically similar to. I assumed I was going to be most similar to the far western provinces, or that I might have no match to any province. However, I am in fact most genetically similar to places in Eastern and Central China, especially the provinces of Hubei, Shanghai and Anhui. It seems that our East Asian ancestors might - at some point in history - have emigrated from one of these areas of modern-day China.

In fact, the highlighted (blue) portion of my map correlates almost perfectly with the ethnolinguistic homeland of the Han people. In other words, we might actually descend from a Han Chinese person, or we might share ancient ancestry with modern-day Han Chinese people. I think the latter is the more likely scenario, since I currently believe that our East Asian DNA came to Norway long ago via ancient migrations through Siberia.

It could be that our ancestors were Huaxia, or predecessors to the Huaxia, who lived in the Guanzhong Plain and along the Yellow River in neolithic times.

WeGene only picks up an extremely small amount of East Asian DNA from my raw data, which it classifies as broadly Chinese. The percentage, 0.01%, is lower than expected, but still not inconsistent with my result at 23andMe.
Even if I wanted to (and I am very hesitant to even ask permission to do it), I'm unable to upload my father's and grandfather's raw data to WeGene, since they don't accept FTDNA files as of yet.

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